Monday, 29 March 2010

iPhone and Exchange ActiveSync: Incorrect AVG Version

Well, having discovered the server was losing non-paged pool resources I used poolmon and watched the resources over a couple of days...

AvgU was rising along with File and Irp.

If you open a cmd window and cd to c:\Windows\System32\drivers ... you can run
'findstr /m /l AvgU *.sys'
That should return just the file name of any sys file that contains the literal string 'AvgU'. It returned 'Avgtdix.sys'.

Further googling... Avgtdix.sys is a Network Connection Watcher. This file should NOT be installed on an Exchange Mail Server.

I have uninstalled AVG from the server and installed the Exchange Mail Server version of AVG (paid).

No Avg tags are showing up in the Non-Paged Pool... there's no Online Shield or Email Scanner in this version...

I will have to monitor the server for another few days...

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