Saturday, 17 April 2010

Dell Server PE1800 2GB RAM - Windows SBS Server 2003 R2: One Hour to Reboot

This server has quite a few issues ... the main issue is that the Backup Exec 12 backups are failing each night...

This blog isn't meant to be an anti-AVG blog... but AVG on this client's server is again the wrong version.  There should be safety blocks, detect Exchange running or something in the installer of the normal version to prevent it being installed... I've no idea why it's on there... perhaps it was an upgrade path at one time...

Way to check on an Exchange server - (which took me ages to finally discover but minutes to check now) - Run Poolmon.exe -b from the Server Support Tools for Windows Server 2003... look for the tag, AvgU in the 'NonP' (non-paged memory pool)... it shouldn't be there on an Exchange server.

So now I've uninstalled AVG and am installing the correct Exchange server version.

Rebooting was interesting...  If only for this precise jump in time:

Event Source: EventLog
Event ID: 6006
Date: 17/04/2010      Time: 05:01:12
Computer: SERVER1
Description:       The Event log service was stopped.
Event Source: EventLog
Event ID: 6009
Date: 17/04/2010      Time: 06:00:07
Computer:         SERVER1
Description:       Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 5.02. 3790 Service Pack 2 Multiprocessor Free.
Event Source: EventLog
Event ID: 6005
Date: 17/04/2010      Time: 06:00:07
Computer: SERVER1
Description:     The Event log service was started.

Anyone seen anything weird like that?  Precisely one hour between Event Log stopping and starting?  Could it be some settting in the Dell ACPI implementation for cooling the fans in the server?  I'm working remote so there's no way to check that without getting my colleague to look on his next visit.

Perhaps so few people notice this because they are sitting next to the machine and get impatient after 15 minutes and hard reset it ... I sat watching Task Manager ordered by Processor Percentage, as you do sometimes (yawn), and noticed dsm_sa_datamgr32.exe popping up into second place every now and again.

That kind of activity is going to play cruel with Virtual Shadow Copy during Adv. File Option activated backups... perhaps why the backup sits either in Snapshot Pre-processing or on-Queue all night and all day... there's not a quiet period during which it can start taking a snapshot... PERC overload...

Services - DSM SA Data Manager: "Provides a common interface and object model to access management information about the operating system, devices, enclosures and management devices. If this service is stopped, several management features will not function properly."

Version installed: - 3rd Dec 2007... that's a bit old, me reckons... There most certainly should be an update... have to upgrade to Dell Open Manage 6.2 ...

In the mean time I've been warned by AVG 9.0 that the version of Roxio Installed on this server is out of date and might cause problems with AVG 9.0 and other programs... so I found a fix here (tho this might disappear soon) - it asked for reboot and I don't want to until I've installed AVG 9.0 so I'm going to have to ignore the warning from AVG 9.0... and install it .. I won't know if that link solved the problem with Roxio.  Best thing would be to remove Roxio 5... and install.. what is it now? 6, 7, 8, 9, 2010?   I don't know if they are using it or not, so I can't just remove it ..

Strange .. I have found OpenManage 6.1.0 files ... but 5.8 is installed... 6.1.0 files were from 21st Oct 2009... but not installed?  Was a disk space issue apparently...  After doing a WSUS Cleanup there's 6GB free on F: ... so should be ok to install this time...

Seems like Dell brought out an update to Open Manage in Dec 2009... 6.2.0 .. fixes a leak or crash in DSM SA Data Manager ... so I'll update that...

Server updated and now rebooting...  Will it take another hour between the EventLog Stop and Start events in the Application Log?  Let's see...

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