Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Exchange ActiveSync and iPhone: Messages stopped again

Client reports that ActiveSync has stopped working yet again...  checked PoolMon for Non-paged Pool and it's fine...

There's an event in the Application Log for ActiveSync - ID 3033.

Following this article:

I checked the suggested registry key...
And all four DWORDs are missing... I have set them to:

  • MinHeartbeatInterval - Dword - Decimal 60 (seconds)
  • MaxHeartbeatInterval - Dword - Decimal 2700 (seconds)
  • HbiSampleSize - Dword - Decimal 200 (samples)
  • HbiAlertThreshold - Dword - Decimal 480 (seconds)
It suggests changing the HTTP(S) timeout values on the router firewall but I can't find them... so I'm going to do a simple IISRESET and see if that resolves the problem.  Trouble is, an IISRESET might just resolve the issue, despite the new registry entries... so I can only warn the client that's a possibility... (when he returns)...

If that doesn't resolve the issue for now... back to the drawing board...

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