Wednesday, 21 April 2010

KML Overlapping Features

I am getting frustrated with KML in Google Earth (GE) ... I have written a GIS program for surveying and am exporting objects to KML/KMZ with CSS/Javascript enabled BalloonStyles...

I am writing Points as Points... but the Polygons and LineStrings are MultiGeometry, each of which contains the Polygon or LineString and a Point.  The Point is there so that I can place a label where I want it.

In GE, I can click on a Point .. on all Points even if they lie within a Multigeometry Polygon...  but I can't click on Multigeometry LineStrings if they cross over or lie within a Polygon.  I have to click on the feature in the list of features on the left-hand side...

Is there a way of layering Lines above Polygons?  Or one set of Multigeometries above another?

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