Friday, 30 April 2010

Show Traffic on SourceForge: Internet Connection Monitor

I found Show Traffic on Sourceforge and think it's quite a useful program for monitoring where you are connecting to and who is connecting to your PC...

After switching on Resolve Addresses and Resolve Port Names there are some interesting connections going on...

Source IP: - resolves to a computer on a network - ... connecting to my computer on HTTP and HTTPS ... for what reason?

1e100 ... for anyone who doesn't know what a 'Googol' is:

  • 10^100 (ten to the power of 100 - a one with a hundred zeroes) is a 'Googol' or in terms of millions and billions .. ten thousand sexdecillion...  and 'one in a googol' are your odds if you throw 333 coins in the air and expect them to all land heads up... :) 
  • 10^google (ten to the power of a google) is a 'Googolplex' - Carl Sagan said that you couldn't write this number down because there is not enough space in the universe... never say never... :) - there's got to be some person out there with autistic tendencies working his/her way through the first few million or so... is a Google-owned domain.  It appears to show up when using GMail, GTalk and Blogger.

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