Wednesday, 13 October 2010

iPhone and ActiveSync: Antivirus Proactive Scanning

And now I don't just have intermittent scanning... Now it only gets emails when the user opens Outlook...

Something has been cleared up by setting the router timeout to a larger value...

And opening Outlook causes the Antivirus to kick in on the messages. Exchange won't do anything with the messages until they have been scanned.. and they won't be scanned without being accessed first.

Checking the registry for the VirusScan settings...


The ProactiveScanning should read 1 - BackgroundScanning should read 1... then change ReloadNow to 1 .. and MSExchangeIS will reload... wait a little bit and press F5... ReloadNow will have been changed back to 0.

Now let's see if this works... Finally... (Combined with the timeouts in my last post)


  1. Interesting content. Keep it going!

  2. I've been trying to figure out an ActiveSync issue all night. Looks like the problem is with the scanning like you mention here; I turned it on, rebooted and suddenly got emails syncing. Your post is the first I've come across mentioning this registry setting, thanks!

  3. Hi
    I am glad that it helped... I think there are various factors involved, but virus scanning seems to be implicated in so many problems I come across :)