Tuesday, 12 October 2010

iPhone and Exchange ActiveSync: Heartbeats

In an earlier post I mentioned there are two Heartbeat settings Min and Max:
  • MinHeartbeatInterval - Dword - Decimal 60 (seconds) 
  • MaxHeartbeatInterval - Dword - Decimal 2700 (seconds) 
  • HbiSampleSize - Dword - Decimal 200 (samples) 
  • HbiAlertThreshold - Dword - Decimal 480 (seconds) 
My Vigor 2900 router HTTP TCP SYN setting was 900 seconds. But clearly if the maximum Interval can be 2700 seconds (45 minutes), then it is going to fail...? Should I set the router's TCP SYN setting to 2700 seconds?
Ok... at the end of the Heartbeat period... the EXCHANGE server replies to the PHONE with a 200 OK message. This should force the iPhone to send another ping with a new (but more than likely same) heartbeat value.
What if the iPhone does not receive this 200 OK message. Perhaps the signal has dropped in a tunnel, for example? TCP/IP is best effort after all... that is the last message required of the Exchange Server.
The iPhone should assume that the period is up... and resend a new Ping anyway when it can? No? Right.. sort of .. the iPhone also calculates the best Heartbeat based on it's history of connections to the Exchange server.
So what if ... I am in the office... and my phone connects up... iPhone can create a longer and longer heartbeat period, up to 45 minutes (2700s)... and then I leave the office... and now the iPhone is not only waiting 2700s for the 200 OK... the phone has disconnected... the server tries to contact the iPhone in the office... nothing happens.. there must be confusion when switching between WiFi and OTA (over the air) ...
But also the HeartBeat period is continuously being cut off by the Router - set to 900s (15 mins)... So how long will it take before the iPhone's connection algorithm chooses a Heartbeat Interval that is smaller than the shortest timeout along the route to the server? Does it say... ok nothing back in 2700s .. lets try 2640s... lets try 2580s .. lets try 2520s ... and so on... which could take more than 6 hours! until finally reaches the correct value.... or does drop back to 60s then increase until it finds the best timeout value?
If for 6 hours or more... the timeout is greater than the value of the router timeout, then if emails arrive in the inbox after 15 minutes.. the server cannot tell you... because the router has shut the session... and the iPhone won't ask until the Heartbeat is up...
There'll just be the assumption for the iPhone that no emails arrived... and perhaps the Exchange server will just shrug and say, "well, I sent you the emails... don't look at me..."
I'm going to up the router to bigger than 2700s...

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