Friday, 3 June 2011

Paint.NET - can't update or remove 3.5.5

I appear to have been having problems updating Paint.NET.

I have version 3.5.5 and every time the installer runs to update I get an error about a missing MSI file in
C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Staging.  Filename: PaintDotNet_753582080.msi.

Perhaps the Paint.NET team introduced the Staging folder after 3.5.5... who knows... some suggestions on forums:

  • Uninstall completely - does not work because you cannot uninstall it...
  • Hack the registry - I guess that might work, that would have been my last option :)
  • Rename one of the existing MSI files in the Staging folder - it only works if the MSI is the same version as the version that is installed.
  • Use the Windows Installer Cleanup Tool - now called the 'Patch Registration Cleanup Tool'? - you could ... but I have a cleaner solution...
How to update Paint.NET when asked for a Staging MSI:
  1. Find out the version that is installed. - Mine is version 3.5.5
  2. Go to File Hippo and download your current version.
  3. You need to unpack the MSI from the downloaded EXE... run from a cmd.exe window (or Start Run):
    Paint.NET.3.5.5.Install.exe /createMsi CHECKFORBETAS=0 DESKTOPSHORTCUT=0
  4. Open the folder created on your desktop, PaintDotNetMsi, and rename the file PaintDotNet.x86.msi to PaintDotNet_753582080.msi or whatever filename Windows Installer is asking for.
  5. Copy the MSI to C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Staging
  6. Re-run the Paint.NET update - or uninstaller.
Mine has just finished updating itself... and I now have 3.5.8 --- albeit after weeks of hoping that each next installer would sort itself out :) .. finally I have got round to fixing it myself ...

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