Thursday, 21 March 2013

QuikTip: Window Shake - Win7

Click and hold the top bar of an Window... (if it's maximized, drag the Window down a bit so it auto-restores, and then give the mouse a slow shake side-to-side...   All the Windows around it will minimize.   Another slow shake side-to-side and they all come back.

(If the Window is a modal dialog then all but its parent Window will minimize.)

I found a Windows tool recently (via a Twitter post) called AltDrag:  With this you can press ALT and click anywhere within a Window to drag it around... using CTRL as well makes the Window active..  Change options so that the Window you drag snaps to borders and taskbar (works like Aero in XP)...  AutoRemaximize - a window dragged from one screen to another will re-maximize after a second...

Unfortunately it doesn't implement the shake I mention above.  Perhaps in the next release.

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