Google Apps Migration Checklist

Apps to Migrate:
[15-DEC-2010]  Transferred YouTube account - easy if you had an original YouTube account.
[20-DEC-2010]  Trouble accessing AdWords. Also noticed that my Profile still exists and my Picasaweb account - but I cannot log into them... [upd. found the login]

- to do

- Well... I was logged into AdWords using a standard account with my Apps email address.  I have logged into AdWords to do some work for someone, and I am locked out.  I can't see their account.  I terminated access from their login and added myself again.  But when I go through it says, "The login <email> is already an Adwords Account" ... I can no longer assign access to my Apps account because of this message.
Work Around:
  1. Create a new user in your domain.
  2. Open AdWords with your main account and give Administration access to the new user.
  3. Open GMail for the new user, to open the AdWords Invite and follow through.
  4. Log back into AdWords with your Main Account.  Now Grant Access to the new user.
  5. Log into AdWords with the new user's email address.
  6. Go to Access Settings and terminate access for your Main Account.
Effectively .. if you have an empty AdWords account that is bound to your Main Apps account, this switches the owner of the AdWords account to the new user in your domain... and now there is no AdWords account attached to your user.  Delete the new user.  Go back to your Main Account Email and accept the invitation from the AdWords account you want to administer.

Also look at opening a My Client Center account (see below) if you have many clients' AdWords accounts to administer.  But do this BEFORE you accept the invitation from the client above... or you will be once again attached to an AdWords account (although they only need to terminate your access to free you up).

- Can export to XML - cannot import XML.  Some XML fields do not tally with settings in new account ('Default' is which?) .. Must re-create each alert one-by-one.
- Can by moved between email addresses attached to a single user in an Apps account.
- Cannot be moved between users in an Apps domain - would be a nice feature.

- I only have access to accounts that have shared with my email address... so there is nothing to transfer across...
- I did make myself an Admin of someone else's account in another domain - to administer their account and do general SEO for him... I did not notice whether I could take control of that account.

  1. Add Apps account user as a contributor.
  2. Upgrade Apps account to an administrator.
  3. Downgrade old account to contributor.
- Do not remove the old account's access from Blogger until everything has been moved.
- The old account may need access for any widgets / photos / other permissions used by the blog.

- to do

- Tedious - if you have a lot of books linked...
- Can export Library but cannot import an exported Library...
  1. Make each 'Library' in the old account public.
  2. Log in to your Apps account in another browser.
  3. Recreate all the libraries in the Apps account
  4. Visit each library in turn, visit each book and add the book manually to the new Apps libraries.
  5. Remove books from the old account's library when you are done with each library (or page of books)
- Can't use this in Apps
- Linked to Google Profile .. can't use that either.

- Can export from one account and import into another.  Then delete from the old account.

- All purchases on an old account are linked to that old account... I couldn't find a way to assign those purchase to a new account.
- I removed the card from the Checkout account.. so no new purchases can be made (although it was a really old and expired card... :)

Chrome Sync
  1. Sync up your browser with the old account...
  2. Switch off sync in your browser.
  3. Switch on sync in your browser and log into the new Apps account.
  4. Delete all Sync content from your old Account Dashboard
  1. I synced my whole list via my N95 mobile phone...
  2. Then sync the N95 to my Apps account...
  3. Delete all from old account / or leave them there...
Note:  I did this a while ago... you can now Export as a Google CSV and import that Google CSV into the new account.

- Yes.. you can share a document with another user.. but you cannot make someone in another domain an Owner of a Doc... so you have to export and import all documents to an Apps account from a standard account.
  1. Highlight all Docs in old account.
  2. Select More Actions -> Export ...
  3. Download the ZIP.
  4. Extract contents of the ZIP into a temporary folder on your hard disk.
  5. Log into Apps account and import all the files.  Convert if you want to.
  6. Delete files from temporary folder.
Note:  I broke this down into steps by folder as I only had a few folders in my old Docs account.

Warning:  If you have Docs or Spreadsheets used elsewhere.. do not delete from the old Account...
- I use a spreadsheet with a Form and this is displayed on a Google Sites website to take comments from visitors.  I had to recreate the Form in the new Apps account and make the spreadsheet publicly available so that it could be seen from the Google Sites website.  You must also change the location of the spreadsheet in Google Sites to point to the private address of the Form and Spreadsheet in the new Apps account.

- Care must be taken with any Spreadsheet with active content... (linked to Maps or other services...)

Friend Connect
- I couldn't switch this over.  My comments are linked to my old account.  I cannot take ownership of my old comments...  When I unsubscribed my old account from the websites, it left a nasty 'Unknown/Anonymous' commenter's name.. so I am now subscribed twice to my own websites...
- I am not sure that I can take over the administration of the websites... I might have to alter an Access code and this might remove all the comments that are tied to the Admin account for Friends Connect...

- I think Google need to allow for more than one administrator for Friends Connect websites...


I did this a long time ago... when there was a Google Email Uploader (now deprecated except for Mac)... The paid Apps account has Google Sync for Outlook... you could open a trial paid account for free... sync with the Outlook tool and then switch back to a standard Apps account.

Now perhaps one way would be to open both accounts in IMAP and then transfer the old email across... it's very slow...  It also doesn't preserve multi-labelled emails...

Don't forget:   Filters; Other Accounts; Labels; Signatures; Priority Inbox Settings (if you use it); Labs; Themes

Delete email from old account once it has transferred... 

I don't think you can forward email from your old account to an Apps account...  but you can collect it via POP3 from the new Apps account.

- You will have to recreate you Google Profile in the Apps account.
- You probably can't assign all your comments to your new Apps account...
- Perhaps you have to sign up twice .. if you want to continue working with the Group from your Apps account.

Google Health is not available in Apps yet.

- not tried... is the profile unique to Hotpot?
- used for rating Google Places

- not tried this yet - i don't use it so much these days...
  1. From your Dashboard click on Manage iGoogle settings.
  2. (why is there a Contacts tab on this page?)
  3. at the bottom of the General Tab you can Export iGoogle settings
  4. Import settings to Apps Homepage or iGoogle. 
- not done yet... is it linked to Buzz and Profile?

- not tried yet

- I have several saved Maps saved over the years .. and Tracks from Google MyTracks (android app)  
- not done yet. Notes:
  • I think you can take the URL from Collaborate... and add it to Google Earth...
  • Then move each point from the linked Maps account to your local hard drive...
  • export them all to KML... 
  • And import into your new account.
- see Places (below) and Hotpot (above) and Local (above)

My Client Center
- I have signed up to the Client Center, from which I can connect to my client's AdWords accounts.  Having someone give you access locks you into that single AdWords account.  You must get the Account Number for the AdWords and Link to it from the Client Center.  Then your Client must approve that you are allowed to manage their account.

- to do

- You can visit your old account profile and apply the Theme to your new Orkut account.
- Orkut Communities can be assigned to another user.  Roles can be re-assigned.

Picasa Web
- not tried yet...
- notes:
  • Can share you photos... cannot assign ownership
  • Need to use Picasa application?
  • Download all photos and upload to new account - lose tags?
  • Beware: photos used in Docs? Sites? Pages? Blogger? other?

- I have not yet tried moving a Google Places account...

- Is not activated in Apps !!!  I thought I had one .. but it was a normal account that I used to log into with my email address...

- hardly use this much these days... to do...

- To do...
- notes:
  • Photos stored in Picasa
  • Documents etc stored in File Cabinets in Sites
  • Alternative domain names that point to each website (
  • Access can be given to another user... not sure about ownership
  • URL contains username... intersite links might need correcting
I have at one point downloaded one Site to make a CD standalone copy.  I may have used a Website Grabber to do this...

Social Circle and Content
- eh?  what on earth?
- look into this later

- add Contacts to Apps Talk account....  
- Old Chats are stored in GMail .. may be transferred with email?

- Not done yet
- Notes
  • Try emailing Task List (from GMail Tasks list > Options menu) to the Apps account (email each Task list?)
  • May have to be recreated manually
  • Sync with Mobile phone and re-sync with new account?
Translator Toolkit
- to do

- Will be in service thru to 2011 .. but is it worth transferring anything?

Web History
- do i really want to keep this?

Webmaster Tools
- to do...

- This is easy if you have a Google Account linked to an old account.
- My brother has only ever had a Google linked account and doesn't have a account to fall back on in this way... he has to re-upload all his videos to his Apps account and he loses his YouTube username...

  1. Login to Youtube using your current GMail account.
  2. Go to Account Settings
  3. From menu on left, select Manage Account
  4. From list on right, expand the last: Unlink YouTube and Google Accounts
  5. Click on 'Unlink YouTube and Google Accounts'
  6. Enter the code from the letters.. and press Unlink.
  7. Make sure you actually remember your original YouTube login details!!!
  8. Log out ... log back in with the YouTube details.
  9. Log into Google with the new Apps account. --- All Linked...