Thursday, 3 December 2015

Exp function in Windows Calculator

I posted this as a response to a question on in 2013... and will re-post it here with additional screenshots.  (I had a notification there was a response on it today, and saw that my answer was marked as helpful 22 times).

The question was... how to use 'Exp' functions in Windows Calculator in calculations such as:


1.  Start -> Run -> Calc.exe  (or Press Start button and start typing Calc... )
2.  Switch to Scientific view.  View menu -> Scientific  (or press ALT-2)

3.  Press '3' and '*'  and 0.5 and '+/-'...
4.  Click the Inv button.

4.  Press the e^x button : 



The 'EXP' function is short for "* 10^x" and gives you for example:

7899 EXP 3 +/-  ->  7899.e-3   =  7.899
1 EXP 4 +/- ->  1.e-4  =  0.001

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows Calculator

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